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Enjoy our Tea Collections from KUURACORP, Melbourne and Plantation, Hong Kong


2020 KUURAMINE Raw Puer Ball

Keep that creeping cosmic horror (and associated fatigue) at bay, no matter the circumstance; with our latest raw puer in a convenient KUURABall format, you're always ready to self-soothe.

A carefully formulated blend of material designed with reliable flavour in mind; ample sweetness, fragrance, throat-coating smoothness, and plenty of lingering aftertaste. KUURAMINE® is made entirely with all-natural ingredients; not a single added flavour, colour, binder, filler, or preservative in sight. Clean growing environments and mature tea trees; make the switch to KUURAMINE® today.

Origin: Yunnan, China


2020 Electroflowercandy White Tea

This sun-dried white tea has ample staying power; many many re-steeps or extended brewing and boiling are no problem. Highly fragrant, smooth, and with a thick mouthfeel; flowers and fruity flavours galore. The material is the same as the full-sized cake, and comes from excellent growing conditions; trees that aren't super young, lots of biodiversity, and no agricultural intervention.

Origin: Yunnan, China

2020 Kuura-Cola Ripe Puer

Clean and precise fermentation. Expertly engineered for maximum flavour. Pressed for unparalleled value. Whether you're just dipping your tongue-tip into the chocolate-coloured, earthy waters of ripe puer, or already paying extra to your dentist to whiten your teeth after abusing it, KUURACORP® brand KUURA-COLA deserves an esteemed place in your collection.

Origin: Yunnan, China


This aged shoumei white tea was picked and pressed in Fujian in 2014, and stored in Guangzhou dry storage since then. Fujian white teas such as this are known for their fragrance and sweetness, and the solid storage and age on this tea lends itself well to deepening those aspects. Thick, smooth, soft, sweet and soothing.

Origin: Fujian, China


Jou Netto Gyokuro, Green Tea

A true "Jewel Dew", Jou Netto Gyokuro is a vibrantly green Japanese tea with an intensely savoury, umami flavour and a thick broth-like texture. It is made from a high quality kabusecha (a class of Japanese tea leaf) and is shaded to a lesser extent than other gyokuros, allowing it to retain a sencha-like earthiness, whilst keeping its signature seaweed flavour. 

Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Tasting Note: Grassy, Seaweedy, Umami


Camomile Reverie

Our Camomile Reverie Tisane is a signature blend of organic camomile flowers from Austria, white chrysanthemum from Anhui, China and globe amaranth from Taiwan. This beautiful bouquet of flowers yields a deep and well-balanced flavour free from the mustiness of standard camomile tea. As well as being a delightful garden in your teacup, this caffeine-free rose-gold infusion helps calm the stomach and soothe a nervous mind. 

Tasting notes: Sweet, floral, soothing


Apple Blossom Verbena

A blend of Verbena leaves and apple blossoms, this herbal infusion has a sweet lemony flavour carried by a light, round body. Refreshing and 100% caffeine free, verbena is also traditionally a cure for sore throats and digestive disorders, whilst apple flower is known for its skin whitening properties.

Tasting Note: Lemony, Grassy, Refreshing


Keemun Rose

With the smokey tea base from Huangshan Keemun Black tea, our house-blended Keemun Rose is mixed with rose petals, bringing the sweet aroma of rose with an unique accent. When it is cold-brewed, it taste more fresh and sweet. If you are looking for a heavy-bodied black tea taste, try hot brewing.

Tasting Note:Rosy Floral, Smoky


Osmanthus Oolong

A light, bright and naturally sweet tea, Osmanthus Oolong (Organic) is heat-infused with fresh osmanthus blossoms to retain the flowers' fragrant essential oils. As a lightly oxidised oolong tea, it is excellent brewed hot or cold. Our Osmanthus Oolong is produced in small batches by an organic tea farm led by Katie Yen in Nantou, Taiwan.

Tasting notes: Mellow, full-bodied, osmanthus


Moroccan Mint

Moroccan Mint